Commonfare is the name of a new, collaborative approach to social welfare.  The idea is that we can help each other (and ourselves!) when we connect and cooperate. We all have access to real wealth, in the common ground of stories, knowledge, time and skills that each of us has.

Commonfare is a way of sharing that wealth so that we all benefit.

Get Informed

Get Informed and share your experience!

Be informed and share your experience!

At the moment, you can explore existing public policies according to what you are interested in

Here you can find provisions related to un/employment, such as benefits for the unemployed, job seekers’ allowances, and social security measures

Here you can find provisions supporting families and their children, such as maternity leave measures, child benefits, and family income supplement.

Here you can find housing-related provisions, such as rent allowances and social housing support measures.

Here you can find provisions concerning mobility, such as public transport benefits.

Here you can find provisions related to education, training, and access to culture, such as student grants and back-to-education allowance.

Here you can find provisions supporting participation in cultural events and activities.


We are working with people in Croatia, Italy, and the Netherlands to design something that is meaningful for you.

For example, you will be able to read and upload stories and everyday tips and tricks. If you want to shape Commonfare.net, write to:


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